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    Hello, I need your honest reviews and advice on our new website http://5freehosting.com/index.html. What is your opinion about color scheme, navigation, structure. Your reviews would be very appreciated and useful. Thank you in advance.

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    -Definitely go with a full-width image. Maybe it's just because of my screen res (1600*900), but it looks so much better when it is taking up the full width (in my case I have to zoom in 10% to see it this way).
    -It's all grey and sad I'd throw in some more color. For example, top menu bar and 'Build your own website', 'install your favorite script' .. buttons can be red.
    -The footer menu is kind of blurry or jagged.
    -The logo doesn't stand out at all. Don't use that other grey copy of the dots. Try thinking about different placement/position (top left maybe). When I switch to smaller media query, the logo isn't even visible on the site - that's your brand. It should be visible all the time!

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