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Thread: Countdown script

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    Countdown script


    Im looking for a countdown script that starts every day at 0:00 and must end on 23:59.

    I have some sale products for 1 day. The next I have new sale product.

    Is there somebody who can help me with this? I am small newby with php/javascript...


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    people do not like doing somebody's job but there are many good ones here who can help if they see your own tries
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    In this DIV i want a timer:

    <div class=\"".$storename."store-timer store-timer\">


    But everytime i put some script (countdown) code in there i'll get a error on my frontpage.

    So what do I wrong?

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    You need to provide an example of your script (php) that generates the start time, the javascript you have used.

    As for your example, I will hazard a guess that you need,
    PHP Code:
    echo "<div class=\"".$storename."store-timer store-timer\"></div>
    to properly render your HTML output
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