Hi guys. I was wondering, is there truly anything wrong with my script? (or rather, what exactly is wrong with it?)

Basically, I tried .ready and onload. Both fail to do what I want. Upon clicking on the "servicesContact" link (in this case), I need my text to fade with my code below, while animating a rectangle up or down. The height is specific to how much text I have on every page. I need a smooth transition, as text will fade in.

At best my code below changes the height. Nothing more. I changed it to 50 to see if there was a difference, and it changed the height only. As for the "top". it did nothing. As for the rest of code, same thing :/

As you can see, I am loading everything separately, except for the text that fades in.

include 'menu.php'; ?>
  // your code here

<div id="servicesContact">
    ServicesContact Test<br/>
    ServicesContact Test2


<?php include 'footer.php';