Hi everybody.

I don't know what would be the best platform for my needs. If possible, I would appreciate a GNU solution. My skills in programation are zero ( I made several websites with Prestashop and Magento, these are my limitations ). The solution has to be easy to use, intuitive so I could use it easily.

I hope that some of you 'pros' can indicate me a nice product and I thank you all in advance for your time.

I received a mandate for developping a website for a baker who wants a presence in the web for the following reasons :

- introduce his products
- introduce his workmates and the bakery ( texts and pictures )
- indicate his prices for his products ( very static, his products'list is quite the same since years and years and the prices are fixed )
- give indications on how to contact him

What he doesn't want/need :

- NO web interaction with the websites'visitors ( no orders, no email block, etc. )
- NO sellings by the website ( all orders have to be made by phone )

Once again, thank you for your advices.
Samuel, Lausanne, Switzerland