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Thread: Need some review on my Responsive website

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    Talking Need some review on my Responsive website

    I just made a website for my startup web development company.

    I tried to make it responsive and you can see the output at infiny.in/

    Apart from minor CSS issues on screen resizing, is there any other flaw you see ?

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    The motto of responsive design is 'Mobile First' - at first a mobile version is developed, and then it grows various elements that expand it for desktop resolutions. Not every piece of content will look good shrunk to fit a small screen. The main rule to hold on to is 'Users First' in fact. The website must be convenient for visitors in terms of structure and content, texts in particular. Guess your site is a little bit heavy for mobile, but in general it's good.

    Maybe you'l find some nice tips here Why Would You Need A Responsive Website?

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