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Thread: php session problems and multiple tabs

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    php session problems and multiple tabs

    dear everyone i have a big problem while using session and clicking right click open in new tab

    consider this problem

    In step 1 i select a product i am storing $_SESSION['product_id'] = 55;
    step 2 i go to other products with id = 88 and opens another product in a new tab.
    Now moves to that tab It's now step 1 for the product2
    Now $_SESSION['id'] is set 88
    User moves tab 1 and continues to step 3
    But now $_SESSION['id'] = 88 and not 55

    How can i prevent this. This is a cooked up problem so would like a generalized solution.
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    Stop using session_regenerate_id(), perhaps? (Or only use it when you really need to, not with every request?)
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