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Thread: Template creation guide

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    Template creation guide

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking about developing themes for sites like themeforest. I'm a newbie in theme development and would like to get some guide as to how to go about it. I have the html/css site ( no frameworks yet ) created and would like to know the steps in converting it to a template. Any help is much appreciated

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    Might help:

    How to Design a Website Template
    How to Create a PHP Website Template from Scratch
    How to Design a Clean Website Template From Scratch in Adobe Fireworks
    How to make your own website template design

    Decide which document standard you want to code to and do it correctly. That's including any CSS file(s). Although HTML5 is not totally supported, it is supported enough to be used now. Same for using CSS3. I like XHTML 1.0 Strict and HTML5/CSS3, but the current leanings is towards making a responsive web site for all devices. These might help you there:

    Introduction to Responsive Web Design
    Itís Not Responsive Web Building, Itís Responsive Web Design
    Beginnerís Guide to Responsive Web Design

    Validation will help, too:


    Why Validate?
    CSS Validator
    HTML Validator
    But It Doesn't Validate
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