Evening all,

I have developed a web application using VB.Net,Jquery,SQL which is currently in production with a number of users paying a monthly fee.

This has all been developed in my spare time as I have a full time job. I am now in the position where i want to expand this and market the product to a larger market however the app itself needs some work to "harden" it and resolve some css and formatting issues and add some final desirable functionality.

My idea is to build up the business during evenings and weekends which is what i have been doing for the past 3 years, and then eventually move into the business full time. The business only has the income of the current users which is not enough to pay a full wage at present.

What i am looking for is someone to come and join this project, with a view of becoming a partner and thereby taking a share in the business. I need someone with all of some - strong CSS,Jquery,SQL and .Net skills to help tidy up the application and get it ready for release. I work in sales and will need to spend my time next year on sales and marketing and therefore need someone to take on the programming side.

Initially as stated there is no funding for this however for the right person they will be given a % of the shares in the business.

I am looking for experience,knowledge, someone in the UK, even better if you are in the South West of England.

This is a serious offer, if anyone is interested please contact me, if you are based abroad please don't contact me as I am only considering a UK partner.

I am happy to discuss this in more detail with the right person.