i have an array wich looks almost like this

$array_family = array(

'Mother' => "Stephanie",
'Father' => "Richard",
'Dog'[0].Name => "Luna",
'Dog'[0].Type => "Bulldog",
'Dog'[1].Name => "Bill",
'Dog'[1].Type => "Rotwailer",
'Dog'[2].Name => "Lessie",
'Dog'[2].Type => "Husky"

how can i loop throw the Dog[n] elements of this array and for example print out the names and the type of dogs in Jquery(suppose that i don't know the number of dogs)?
i have tried something like this but i have syntax error!
wich is the correct way to do this?

var a = 0;
while(typeof data.Dog.[a] != 'undefined')