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Thread: css techniques for images/graphics -question

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    css techniques for images/graphics -question

    Sprites, repeat background image effects, svg/base64, pseudo element/selectors that eliminate doc. markup, etc. Do these really make a difference in the speed of a site, mobile site?

    There are so many blogs and large, static pages around, it seems contradictory (for use of a better word), whether I use one div or three to make a module, or use a sprite or background image, in terms of the user experience, not semantics.

    Thanks for any real world opinions.

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    Of course, many factors affect page loading speed, but nothing has such a direct impact as the number and size of external resources that the page requires. So it's always best practice to take reasonable steps to minimize the number of external resources and keep the size of those external files as small as practical.

    Blogs are generally built on software platforms that are designed to make them easy to use by less experienced webmasters and to make it easy to install add-ons, each of which usually require a handful of additional external files. Blogs have many good points, but they are definitely not built for speed and shouldn't be considered as an example of how to build a great general-purpose website.

    Google offers a nifty tool for evaluating a webpage's loading speed at https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ It will evaluate the page and offer specific advice for making improvements. Check it out.
    Rick Trethewey
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    Thank you, that is helpful.

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