I am currently learning Javascript, PHP, and OPP. I decided to create a simple script for my company I work for. trackUser logs unique users who visit the website. It keeps track of; screen resolution, screen viewport, browser + version, operating system, date visited, and IP Address.

github: https://github.com/peezybro/trackUser

Here is the code I wrote for the script.

var trackUser = {
	init: function(){
		this.resolution = this.detectResolution();
		this.viewPort = this.detectView();
		this.browser = BrowserDetect.browser + " " + BrowserDetect.version;
		this.OS = BrowserDetect.OS;
			if (this.detectCookie() == false){
			} else {
				console.log('User is not unique, kill trackUser'); //debug
	detectResolution: function(){
		var width = window.screen.width,
			height = window.screen.height,
			res = width + "x" + height;
		console.log('detecting resolution'); //debug
		return res;
	detectView: function(){
		var width = window.screen.availWidth,
			height = window.screen.availHeight,
			view = width + "x" + height;
		console.log('detecting viewport'); //debug
		return view;
	detectCookie: function(){
		var check = $.cookie('uniqueUser');
			if (check == null) {
				console.log('cookie is not set'); //debug
				return false; //cookie is not set 
			} else {
				console.log('cookie is set'); //debug
				return true; //cookie is set
	setCookie: function(){
		$.cookie('uniqueUser','set', { expires: 1 });
		console.log('setting cookie'); //debug
	ajaxCall: function(){
		console.log('called ajaxCall function'); //debug
			type: "POST",
			url: "saveData.php",
			data: {
				resolution: this.resolution,
				viewport: this.viewPort,
				browser: this.browser,
				os: this.OS
			success: function(){
				console.log('success'); //debug
			error: function(){
				console.log('Ajax had a error while sending data to server, Please check code.');
I wrote this as a learning project so I am sure there is properly problems with my code. Please let me know how i did, and any tips will help