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Thread: htaccess mod_rewrite issue

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    htaccess mod_rewrite issue

    I have a client that has an htaccess file that rewrites his url from mydomain/somepage.php to mydomain/somepage. It's working fine in his root folder. I need to re-design his site so I'm trying to build it in a new folder. I copied the htaccess file into the new folder, but it doesn't seem to recognize the re-written URLs. Here is the content of the htaccess file:
    RewriteEngine On

    RewriteRule ^equipment/(.*)$ equipment_category.php?id=$1
    RewriteRule ^browse/(.*)$ equipment_category.php?keyword=$1
    RewriteRule ^product/(.*)$ equipment_product.php?code=$1
    RewriteRule ^product/s/(.*)$ equipment_product.php?op=s&code=$1

    Since this file is in the new folder, I would imagine that I shouldn't have to enter the new folder name since this should see the new folder as a root, correct? Any suggestions? (This content is the same content as the htaccess file in the root folder.)

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    Try with the below code:

    RewriteRule ^/location/(.*)$ /location/usa/$1 [R]

    you can refer to the link below:

    Hope this helps.
    strad solutionswww.stradsolutions.com

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    Sorry, it didn't work - unless I put the code in the wrong htaccess file? I put it in the one in the new folder - not the root folder. I would prefer to not touch the root htaccess file, if possible, since it's working just fine for their current site. This folder is just temporary while I build them a new site. The URL's come out as domain/newfolder/equipment/category - which is what we want, but I just get a white screen, the page doesn't load.

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    Try adding the path to the new folder in rewrite destination.

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    Sorry, that didn't work either - I didn't think it would since the htaccess file is already IN the newfolder - so the path would not include a subdirectory. But thank you for taking the time to review and offering a suggestion. I have tried putting the /newfolder/ on both sides of the mod-rewrite as well with no success. I currently have the new site setup using the ugly URL's by duplicating the php includes and putting them in the new folder with the new site, I can reference them and we can review the site. When I move the pages to the root folder, they will include the current php include navigation files and the URLs should stay as they are now.

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