Hi One and All
Trust you all are having a great day, and not letting anything get you down, especially your online computing experience.
I joined this site a week ago and have found a number of issues here that no one seems to have mentioned or done anything about it.
How does one get to send a PM (private message) to the administrator of this forum !
Why are there so many unneccessary spamming popups when trying to post a reply, or add a new thread or just trying to get into
another area of the forum ? Perhaps the other members have not found this to be an issue, but I find it terribly annoying that a site
with such a grandeous name like " Webdeveloper.com " which is here to help everyone with all matters relating to web developing,
have other hidden scripts written into the Source Code. I have had several popups such as " Congratulations, you are a lucky winner
of a new iPad " or " You do not have Java installed and need to update " What is all this ?
This is the Coffee Lounge where members can come together and discuss I guess any and everything.
Hence the reason for me being here right now and hoping that someone will take notice of what I have mentioned.
When I finally go to make this post, I find myself having to use the horizontal scrollbar like a panoramic slide show just to get to the SUBMIT button.
Anyway, I've had my say.
Have a good day.


PS. The extra buttons for font size, colours and the rest do not appear to be working either.
A number of pages appear to be fraught with errors as well.