Hi everyone, I'm taking an entry level software programming class and am having to write a fairly simple code but can't seem to get it to compute right. This is what my code looks like as of now.

Welcome to Cheap Beds, Inc.! Please answer the following questions so we know how much to charge our customers.

<script type="text/javascript">

var Origprice;

Origprice = prompt('Enter the Original Price of the bed');

var DelivFee;

DelivFee = prompt ('How much are we charging for delivery?');

var credit;

credit = prompt ('How much are we crediting for their old unit?');

var Newcost;

Newcost = (parseInt(Origprice) + parseInt(DelivFee));

var Finalcost;

Finalcost = (parseInt(Newcost) - parseInt(DelivFee));

alert("The bed that was chosen will cost" + Finalcost + " Including delivery fee and trade-in credit for their old bed");



The cost of the bed that I'm entering is 100, shipping is 20 and credit is 5 but at the end it's saying that the price is 100? Does anyone know how I can fix this?