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Thread: Wordpress site with user profiles

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    Question Wordpress site with user profiles

    Hi i'm looking to have a website made to showcase my clients and was wondering if there was a wordpress solution? basically i'm a talent agent and was hoping to set something up where it's possible to browse my clients, each having a profile with experience, photos, video links ext.

    would really appreciate the help as I know how to use html and css, I have made websites in the past using dreamweaver but nothing on this level before. i've never used wordpress to make a website before and i'm stuck on what exactly i will need.

    I realise i know very little about web development and i really appreciate the time you took to read this

    Thank you very much for reading.

    (My first post here, forgive me if it is placed in the wrong section)

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    no. you should make it by your own if you're facing the problem in wordpress section so you can learn this online instead of this if you want to make or give your site as a professional look then you may hire a proffesional developer for your site.

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