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Thread: Functions and Returns

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    Functions and Returns


    I am having difficulty with this set of functions and returns:

    // Parameter is a number, and we do math with that parameter
    var timesTwo = function(number) {
    return number * 2;

    //Call timesTwo here!
    var newNumber = function(name){
    return timesTwo;

    On line 7 I am supposed to call the function "timesTwo" with any parameter I want, however I keep getting an error saying I am not calling "timesTwo" function correctly.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    //Call timesTwo here!
    var newNumber = timesTwo(7); //call the actual function remembering to "feed" it a number

    //prints 14

    As you have the code written "newNumber" becomes a function, not a number and the single argument "name" performs no function at all.

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