Hi Guys new here

i had a question i got a query where is this

$query = "SELECT rentxs_comprofiler.cb_bname, rentxs_wizaffiliates_sef.sef_url, rentxs_wizaffiliates_affiliates.id;
FROM rentxs_wizaffiliates_sef, rentxs_wizaffiliates_affiliates
WHERE rentxs_wizaffiliates_affiliates.user_id = '".$user->id."'
AND rentxs_comprofiler.id, rentxs_wizaffiliates_affiliates.id = rentxs_wizaffiliates_sef.affiliate_id, ";
$result = mysql_query($query);
while ($line = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {

echo '<center><font color="black">Your Invite URL: </font><b><a href="http://rentxs.com/'....</center></b>';

it will display the affiliate link created that is getting the First Name And Last Name
i wanted to have a query there that if ever someone register as a business or charity then their cahrity or business name will appear on the box
my problem is they are different tables the main First Name and Last Name is connected to Community Builder and WizAff Dataabase

but it is getting only the first and lastnames i wanted also if they include or as a business or charity instead of firstname or lastname

their Business name or Charity name will appear in SEF link

thank you so much Guys