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Thread: Website data to iOS and Android?

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    Website data to iOS and Android?

    I am looking for a helpful start (key words or even phrases) to begin understanding what it takes for a web site to give auto notification to an app on iOS and Android. I hope that wording is understandable, but in short how can things that happen on my website be automated to send the data as information to phones apps. Is this handled via web services? Thanks

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    Hi and welcome.

    I'm no expert on mobile apps but I would expect that the place to start might be the iOS and Android APIs?

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    Who deleted my post here?
    Moderator if i make mistakes, i think i have Right to know this!

    i looking for developer. can i create new post?

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    No need to create a new post. Your old one was not deleted. It was moved to its own thread in the "Available Positions" forum, which is where it belongs.

    Normally, it would leave a marker behind so you would know where it had gone, but that does not seem to have happened this time. I'm not sure why...

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    these applications in your mobile have direct links to their web sites and when ever any change is made on the account it certainly sends a programmed notification to the app.

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