We are a company looking to build our first ecommerce site for our family business, which will have a quite a few specialized features. Design-wise we have found a site that is very, very similar to our preferences (vacheron.com). However, this site is not an ecommerce site.

We were wondering if anyone has any ideas on how we should proceed in order to figure out potential cost and implementation challenges we face (perhaps some of you can see some of these challenges immediately?) as our programming experience is limited. Initially, we are looking at using Magento.

Our first choice would be to hire a web developer and just ask. However, our budget is limited and we would like to get an idea of the cost before we get in over our head from a cost perspective.

Any help would be highly appreciated

Thank you for your time and effort.

We also wish to help the developer as much as possible and we were wondering if anyone has a template of sort on how, and what kind of, information we should give to the developer (we don't want this to happen: http://www.topwebdesignschools.org/design-clients/).