First off, my name is Brandon or like my friends calls me peezy. I am from sunny San Diego and currently a Jr. Web Developer/DB Admin. I plan on helping out as much as possible around here and learn as I go

Anyhow, I did a fast search and it didn't come up with any results so I decided to post.

How did you get involved in Web Development? What first caught your interest? I am sure there will be some interesting stories!!!

Here is mine:

When I was in middle school I got addicted to the game "Runescape". I would play all the time, when halo 2 finally came out; I got into making Machinima videos. Our group was getting big and I decided to create a website. My website was only of those free website templates etc. it sucked lol. After a year I started getting pissed at people online and wanted to learn how to hack there site, account, find their location lol. Pretty much from that point I just loved creating websites, not so much the design aspect but the back end. Writing the code and seeing the finished product is a great feeling.

Whats your story ?