I've done as much as I could but I'm stuck so I have a few issues with completing the script:

Issue 1 - Form Validation
  • I can get the error messages to appear, but I can't seem to stop the form from submitting when the user inputs invalid values.

Issue 2 - Loan #
  • I have it set up as 1 right now, but I can't get it to loop each time I make a loan. The # should add up by 1 each time a loan is added.

Issue 3 - Upate when a key is typed
  • I want to get the monthly rate value and months value in the read-only field be updated when a key is typed so before the submit button is clicked it already displays it in the read-only field. For ex. (When I type 3 for Term, the months value should have 36. Similarly with the monthly rate value) I was able to do it when I submit the loan, but I want to be able to have it before I even submit)

Issue 4 - Displaying the highest and lowest loan #
  • I want to display the highest and lowest loan #s, which are the loans with the highest and lowest interest value. But I don't know how to retrieve those values since Issue 2 is a problem to it.
  • And when a loan is added how do you reset the form so that the fields do not the contain old data like they do now when you submit, it still has your old data.

I thought it would be easier to see, so I posted it here: http://jsfiddle.net/V85W5/

Thank you !