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    site : WebChat

    Hello Everyone, im kinda new here..

    This is my latest work. Webchat website I did for some guys im friends with http://user101.com/webchat/ ..finished just day ago. Its only like 4th website i've ever made.

    Used Photoshop and Notepad, simple html with some scripting and php + one db table for users online, I've made 4 of these banners too, Flash/Photoshop.

    Thank you

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    just a tip: u dont need a seperate js function for each image rollover
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    I see a horizontal scroll bar at 800 by 600. 800 by 600 should never have a horizontal scroll bar, you should either make your layout fluid (% width) or design it at 800 by 600. So it will be functional at that resolution but still look good at higher res. Also you have no doc type http://validator.w3.org/check?verbos...1.com/webchat/
    I validated it as transitional html 4.01
    kind of yucky. Those are some design flaws you should work on.

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    Besides the fact that you're using images where you should be using text and CSS, and you've got nested tables, and no doctype -- it's nice.
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