This is bothering me and I don't know why, and I really don't know if anyone will have the answer so here I go,a nd hopefully someone can help clear up this mass confusion I have going on in my mind.

The question here revolves around the IP address of a mobile device that is not connected to a wifi connection.

Let's say you live in Canada, like I do. There's only really a handful of major cities, ones that really count.

Okay, now lets say you live in Central Canada, which puts you in Winnipeg. You open an email on your mobile device (that is not connected to wifi).. If I track that email with something like readnotify or whatever, it will tell me that the email was opened in Toronto, not Winnipeg.

Now let's say you live on the west coast, say Vancouver, I do the same thing, and sometimes it tells you that the email was opened in Vancouver, sometimes it says it was opened in Ontario.. Maybe Toronto, maybe somewhere else in Ontario.. Never-the-less.

How does all this work? I have a work colleague that is traveling in Vancouver right now from Winnipeg, we both work in IT, and we have our assumptions, but nothing super concrete.

When I send my colleague an email and it gets opened on her mobile device while she is traveling in Vancouver, it says she is in Vancouver, yet I live here and only sometimes does it say it was opened in Vancouver.. Here's the real head spinner... What if my work colleague wasn't actually in Vancouver at the time of opening, yet it read Vancouver? Is that even possible.

I get there may be some discrepancies when it comes to data roaming, but I want to better understand how these types of IP addresses are allocated when someone is, and is not traveling.

Could it be possible for colleague X to be in central Canada yet the email tracking says colleague X is opening the email from Vancouver? I understand why sometimes it will say Ontario, or Toronto, but I do not understand the IP allocation and how it all ties together.