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Thread: overide bootstrap css on seperate sheet?

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    overide bootstrap css on seperate sheet?

    My first responsive site, only five pages... initially I edited a lot of the bootstrap.css stylesheet, but then I decided to override everything on my own stylesheet, so that I could use bootstrap's original min for the final.

    Yet wouldn't the the code parse quicker with edits done directly in the bootstrap stylesheet? Seems like extra weight to overide on a seperate sheet.

    I don't need to quibble over 50kb for my site, just wondering what is considered best practices.

    Thanks J

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    In terms of data volume the editing of the bootstrap would probably the better way but usually you're loading a library (like the bootstrap.css) and then a second custom.css file which overwrites only the values you want to change. That has the huge advantage that you're always able to update the library whenever a newer version becomes available. I'm always using with this second way.

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    Of course, that makes perfect sense. Just the kind of answer I was waiting for.:-)

    Thank you

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