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Thread: what is the different in this??

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    what is the different in this??

    please tell me..

    what is the different b/w in these element of php?

    <?PHP ?>,<? ?> and <?= ?>

    Thank you in advace

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    The first two are the same; the third I'm not familiar with.

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    <?php always works.

    <? is the same, but only works if the short_open_tags setting is enabled. Therefore I recommend to always use the first.

    <?= is shorthand for <?php echo, but only works if short_open_tags is enabled, or if you are using PHP 5.4.0 or later (in which case it's always enabled, even if the short_open_tag is not).
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    The first is a safe open and close tag variation, the second is the so called short-open tag. The second one is not always available, use the first option if it's possible. You could check the availability of short open tags in php.ini, at the short_open_tag.

    The primary issue with PHP's short tags is that PHP managed to choose a tag (<?) that was used by another syntax, XML.

    With the option enabled, you weren't able to raw output the xml declaration without getting syntax errors:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>


    Hope this helps.
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