Hey guys,

Not entirely sure where the bulk of everyone is based here, but thought I'd let you all know about a really great opening I have in Bath (South West, UK).

It's a new client for me, I went down to meet these guys the tail end of last week and they are fast becoming a favourite for me.. They are a relatively small but very cash rich digital agency that has a diverse portfolio of work behind them. They don't tend to specialise so the stuff they take on is often very varied, from entire web builds, microsites, large and complex business systems through to fun customer engagement projects.

Now these guys only do a 4 day working week (5 days paid) with the last day of the week set aside for R&D. This is an opportunity for you to play with whatever you like and some of the Friday projects they have made have become great commercial successes. At the moment they are in the process of buying a Nodecopter as well as a load of Lego Mindstorms.. so no idea what they have in mind next!

The bulk of the work they do is in PHP so they're looking for someone that is comfortable hand-coding OO PHP5, the web service they use is Apache and on the database side of things MySQL (on the Spirit framework). If you're a dab hand at design chances are you'll get a chance to do this too!

The guy that runs the place is a really well experienced and quite frankly innovative developer, he has a huge passion for what he does and he's looking for someone that shares this passion to join his team.

So, if you think your the right person for the job, know someone who is, or want to know more please do get in touch!

He's pretty open minded on salary so anywhere between 20 - 35K