I have a huge web project that include front-end (for clients) and back-end(for administration).
Here are the main points for this project:
  1. website should be responsive (so mainly use of CSS3/HTML5)
  2. multi language website (for now 4 different languages)
  3. allow payment online (via paypal, CB, VISA, Wire transfer, and so on...)
  4. to allow categories (like for services, competences, and so on...)
  5. to allow newsletter management
  6. to manager users (profiles, activation/disable, attachemed files,...)
  7. to manage email sending and projects history
  8. to obscure part of text in some comments end users could write based on some strings or characters
  9. to interact with a MySQL database, and deals with more than 100,000 users
  10. to be SEO
  11. to have a nice and intuitive web interface

for all those reasons, i need to find 1 or more appropriate javascript framework.

My problem is that i'm coming from CMS world and the only Javascript frameworks i know are mootools and jQuery :-)

Now i read that:
  1. backbone.js is wonderful for database interaction and MVC architecture.
  2. Angular.js is very good for forms
  3. Modernizr.js for UI

now i know there are a lot more on the market, however i would be very happy to get your feedback on the most appropriate javascript framework for each task i need to perform, as it is a 6-12 months project and i can get it wrong.

thank a lot for all your feedbacks.