Hi guys, I would like to apply a recognation of each elements of a list without use ID, just using java script with "for". My goal is when I pass the cursor over the elements it shows something, as you're shall imagining it really requires a recognition. No further, my list is:

HTML Code:
<ul class="mm">
					<li class="mm">All Aplicativos</li>
					<li class="mm" name="asd">Acessorios</li>
					<li class="mm">Administração</li>
					<li class="mm">Jogos</li>
					<li class="mm">Gráficos</li>
					<li class="mm">Internet</li>
					<li class="mm">Escritório</li>
					<li class="mm">Outros</li>
					<li class="mm">Preferências</li>
					<li class="mm">Sistema</li>
and as javascript I have this:

function subs() {
	var itens = document.getElementsByClassName("mm");
	for (var i = 0; i<itens.length; i++) {
		var def = ["All","Ac","Ad","Ga","Gr","We","Of","Ot","Pr","Sy"];
		itens[i].onmouseover = function() {
		switch(itens[i]) {
			case itens[i] = def[3]:
			alert ("ok");
Any help are welcome. Thanks