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    Question Don't now what to do

    hi ,
    i'm a 19 year old student from Belgium.
    I'm Studying web development in my last year of school .
    i have a good knowledge of html and css , and new from this year we are learning php .
    wich i don't find as easy as html and css ,
    but my real question is that in my free time i'm not doing anything with the things i learned.
    I just don't know why i should make a site , that sits there in my 'sites' folder and never is going to be seen by anyone .
    i can't find a real goal to keep me busy ,
    Do other students have the same problem as me ? or am i the only one ?
    because i really like to make websites , but if you don't have a goal or subject .. then why should you make one?
    i want to make sites like someone who's in to music makes music and lets hear other people what he made.

    so if someone has some tips i could use , please tell me.

    greetings Roy

    (sorry for the misspelling of words or sentences , english isn't my main language but i'm trying )

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    Maybe there is a local charity, church, or other non-profit group that you could help build a web site for, or improve their existing site. It could give you good experience in working to fulfill customers' needs, add something "real" to your portfolio, and even give you a good feeling for helping a good cause.
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    I actually think thats a great idea !
    i should look around maybe i can find something
    thanks for the reply !

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    Go to this site http://www.volunteermatch.org/
    and find some organization willing to use your services...it will be a win win for all.

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    thats a nice website , i will definitely look it to it !

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