In need of desperate guidance

1. Is there any way to avoid ActivexObject in JavaScript for reading documents and constructing xmls?

2. Actual there is a problem with the client, he doesn’t like the IE security settings like "Access data source across domains" under Miscellaneous and "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins".

And It should support IE 7, 8 and above. If possible that should work in cross browser also.

Currently in JavaScript, we are using the below codes:

var xmlDoc = new ActiveXObject("MSXML2.DOMDocument"); -->for xml construction.

var stm = new ActiveXObject("ADODB.Stream"); --> for reading the doc and docx file from client temporary path.

What is needed:

1. We need to find an alternate in order to avoid using the ActiveXobject.


2. We need to automate the Internet Security Settings in client machine.

Could some one help me in this please?