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Thread: Rocky Road to be better

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    Cool Rocky Road to be better


    I am a newbie. I know the Syntax of the webdevelop languages and I can write simple code. At the last while I get new projects over my website. And often I sit down and be frustrated. At this moment, I cant finish the login.php because it does not work. My question is how can i become better? How do you learn PHP and AJAX and so on?
    And the secound point is how i can motivate myself? Sometimes I left my place and look out of the window.


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    Syntax is the easy part. Take some courses and/or read some books on general programming theory and practice. Learn how to write modular, loosely coupled code that is easier to debug and maintain. Study the code in well established open source projects to see how they do things.

    When you get frustrated, see if you can break up what you're working on into smaller parts that you can concentrate on -- and test! -- separately.

    Become active in web forums like this, not just to get your specific questions answered, but to learn new things by trying to find answers to other people's questions.
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