I used the code below as an experiment (in IE7):

<div id="testdiv">xViantU&CInpatient</div>
<div id="testdiv2">xViantU&COutpatient</div>

<input type="button" value="click" onClick="testdiv.innerHTML='xViantU&CInpatient'; testdiv2.innerHTML='xViantU&COutpatient'; alert(testdiv.innerHTML); alert(testdiv2.innerHTML)">
When the button is clicked, the text of testdiv2 doesn't change on the browser, but the text of testdiv changes to "xViantU". And, the alerts come back as "xViantU" and "xViantU&ampCOutpatient", respectively.

I don't understand why the "&" gets converted to "&amp" for the 2nd, but not for the 1st. Any light shed on this is appreciated -- thanks.