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Thread: Website has weird bug after I edited some html

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    Website has weird bug after I edited some html

    I'm hoping someone could help me with this. This is the site: http://hotwokscoolsushi.com/

    I was trying to replace one pdf with another on my website, and ended up not going through with it and reverting all the changes. Or so I thought. I'm pretty sure I ended up not changing any code, but now when I go on my website, it stays normal for a few moments, with a black background, and then suddenly it changes to white and the page shifts to the left. Can any tell me what's wrong with it?


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    Didn't notice problem in Fx, but might correct following:

    CSS [Ignore any properly formed CSS3 rules if flagged]


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    Works fine for me also on Chrome.

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    Unless this is a piece of shameless advertising, your PDF that you want to change...

    HTML Code:
    <td width="369" align="right" valign="top"><a href="Hot-Woks-Cool-Sushi-catering-menu-2013.pdf"><img src="images/featured/hot-woks-catering.jpg" alt="a cultural evolution of taste" width="369" height="413" /></a></td>
    the element you need to alter is simple.

    HTML Code:
    <a href="Hot-Woks-Cool-Sushi-catering-menu-2013.pdf">
    which should according to the W3C have at the minimum the title element as well.

    HTML Code:
    <a href="Hot-Woks-Cool-Sushi-catering-menu-2013.pdf" title="Our Hot Woks Cool Sushi Menu">
    and that helps your users with accessibility devices.

    To get the item to download...
    HTML Code:
    <a href="Hot-Woks-Cool-Sushi-catering-menu-2013.pdf" title="Our Hot Woks Cool Sushi Menu" target="self">
    If you have updated your menu called "Hot-Woks-Cool-Sushi-catering-menu-2013.pdf" then your new menu must be in the same folder as the page that loads, so if this in the site root, the new PDF has to be in the site root. you only need to change the href information to point to the new file.
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