Hi, I had this message recently from my website host; “We would like to inform you that your account has exceeded the allowed monthly program and script executions per account and your web service has been limited”. I then asked for more information and got this reply; I checked the files and found that the issue was caused by this script: 147455 /home/supersym/public_html/testcounter.php.
It seems that this script generates too many script executions - probably it is not optimized properly or includes a lot of files. Please optimize it or delete it and the problem should be resolved.”

I am unable to delete this file as it’s a critical part of my website and I have no idea how to “optimize” it. Can anyone suggest a php wizard that may be able to help me with my problem?

My website is not very old and has a very low hit rate at the moment so if it ever takes off it will “exceeded the allowed monthly program and script executions” all of the time!

Thanks in Advance.