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Thread: Basic Login Script

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    Basic Login Script

    I'm new here and trying to build some reputation up.

    Here is a basic login script I programmed with lots of comments to help the people who are new to programming to understand it better.

    session_start(); //start a session
    //mysql connect
    mysql_connect("", "", "") or die (mysql_error());
    //select database
    mysql_select_db("") or die (mysql_error());
    //display login form
    <form action='login.php' method='POST' />
    Username: <input type='text' name='username' /> <br />
    Password: <input type='password' name='password' /> <br />
    <input type='submit' name='login' value='Login' />
    if (isset($_POST['login'])) { //check if the user has clicked the "Login" button
        //store user input in variables and secure them against sql injections
        $username = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['username']);
        $password = md5($_POST['password']);
        //check if user exists in the table
        $query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tablename WHERE username = '$username' AND password = '$password' ") or die (mysql_error());
        if (!(mysql_num_rows($query)) {
            echo"You don't exist."; //if they dont display a error
            //if they exist
            $_SESSION['user'] = $_POST['username']; //create a session
            header('location:home.php'); //redirect to another page
    *untested but should be no errrors

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    Please don't take this as an offense, but if you want to show them a simple login php script at least use mysqli or PDO.

    Here's a login & registration script that I have tested and I know contains no errors. The link : http://www.pepster.com/general.php?category=PHP

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