Hi Guys,
I'm in the process of building a website for freelance developers and I'm looking to seed it with best in class developers to help me beta test it. The site, Hirable, connects recruiters from startups, tech companies and agencies with freelance developers via a simple follow model.
After developers create their free profile, recruiters are able to follow them and get up to the minute updates on their availability via email and alerts; making sure hirable developers can line up work the minute they're free.
I created the site to essentially solve a problem a lot of us have when searching for someone to develop and create an idea for us. It was hard to find a developer, let alone find one whose work was on par with what I wanted to create.

We are close to launching in the coming weeks, and would love for you to sign up. Once our MVP is finished, we will send out information to create profiles, and give you a chance to become familiar with the platform!