Dairy farmer's have ever expanding farm size. Each animal has to be well documented, not only to benefit the farmer's records but most governments demand it now days. Although software is available, most overcharge and lack updates.

My idea is to create a web based platform that all farmers can store and view records on. This site will be written in php using a MySQL database. Our advantage will be that we can create a community type network between farmers to share information that they wish and to see how they rate when putting their records against similar farms. The community, however, will be a later feature once we have farm database's using this website.

The website will be based on companies (farms). Each farm will have sub-employee accounts that can login to view and update records. The records are based on cow "cards". Each card holds information about the animal. The current programs use "commands" to update the items and to show lists.

My knowledge consists of a 4 year ag degree and experience in SQL and php development. Looking for someone with higher skills in SQL and PHP to get the project rolling.

Please contact ryne42 @ gmail.com for further information on the project.