Hello, just want to preface this with.. I'm just learning javascript and have no business coding in ajax yet -- but that it's the solution to a problem I'm having with google maps.

I have a site I'm working on.. built some nice jquery tabs (using mctabs jquery specifically). All was well until I tried embedding Google maps on one of these tabs. After much research I've found it's a very common issue; it doesn't allow the map to generate when it's hidden and needs to be reloaded.. after trying many of the solutions,after hours of trying this scenario and that found on the web, I haven't been talented or experienced enough to implement.

Until I realized that mctabs allows for ajax and loading content on the fly! ...I thought that might be the answer to my prayers. And I was able to get the following code to work on page..
<li><a href="content/ajax-tab.html" data-ajax="{target: 'view1', id: 'fragment1'}">Fragment</a></li>
            <li><a href="content/ajax-faq.xml" data-ajax="{target: 'view2', success: callback2, responseType: 'xml'}">FAQ</a></li>
However, ONLY 'for text or html'.. not php (a script). Whenever I add php or try to pull only php, it breaks..

I thought that the answer might be in the responseType (or data.. or contentType..), but I can't get it to work. Or maybe changing the file name to php..

No go.. any ideas? Is it possible?

If you need me to display the jquery, just let me know.. (or it's readily available for download on the mctabs site..).

Thanks in advance!