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Thread: Having trouble with PDFs

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    Having trouble with PDFs

    I'm using the FileManager on cPanel to edit a website. It currently has 2 PDFs which are accessed by links. I needed to switch the current PDFs with new ones I just made. So I named the new ones the exact same name as the current ones, and then uploaded them, overwriting the current files.

    One of the links has been updated, yay! But the other one is still the old PDF. How is this possible when I replaced that one with the new one?

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    It's not clear what the problem is. If you can see that the new file has been uploaded in cPanel's File Manager, then I'd suspect that you're just seeing a cached version of the document in your browser. Try reloading the document in your browser. Otherwise, I'd say you probably didn't really replace the original document. You may have inadvertently uploaded it to a different directory or the file name isn't exactly the same as the original. It's going to be one of these two issues.
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