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Thread: Big gap in mobile css

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    Big gap in mobile css

    When you view my site on a mobile it shows the header div & nav div having a big gap. Here's the simulator that you can view http://transmog.net/iphone-simulator...tsunoindex.me/

    Anyone know how to get rid of the big gap?

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    It's because your #header css style has a height of 500px. You need to either make it adjust to specific screen sizes (using media queries) or place your header image inside the <div id="header"><img... </img></div> and tweak with the css to make it responsive.

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    You should be clear with media queries. Before you design a responsive website you can create minimum three types of media queries. They are above 1000pixels, between 480 to 999pixels and between 320 to 480 pixels. Maximum we have to put concentration on 320 pixels. That is our important factor. And try to check your design in mozilla browser in mobile view. You can feel very responsive design friendly.

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