Hey guys,

so after bringing my test site to a finish I've still got 2 unsolved issues (even after long time of me thinking about them - it really gets on my nerves when I can't solve a problem on my own ).

Here's the site: http://fld.php5.sk/gym/

1st problem - the site is too high (of course in the meaning of dimensions, not a pleasant state of mind )

Here's the code for the background
	background: #dddddd url('../images/bg.png') no-repeat;
	background-position: -135px -110px;	
I would expect the site to end as the image height ends (if you look closely you can see the bottom edge of the image, because I wasn't bothered to erase the edges properly). But instead the color continues down.

2nd problem - at first sight it's not visible. But by resizing the site you can see it. The situation here is, that I wanted to make the logo as a link (to 'home' site). But because the whole header was one image I decided to cut out another image as just the logo and place it over the original (the whole site is basically just a practice on image overlapping and positioning).
With absolute positioning it didn't interfere with the layout but with resizing the website, it keeps a stationary position obviously.
With relative positioning on the other hand it completely destroys other elements of the layout.. and I don't understand why

If anyone has an answer to either of my questions I'd be really grateful.

If you need more code or any other info, just ask for it