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    Can anyone please explain how this YAHOO.util.Sort.Compare(a,b,desc) works.


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    Sort static utility to support Column sorting.

    Boolean compare ( a , b , desc ) Comparator function for simple case-insensitive string sorting.

    Parameters: a <Object> First sort argument. b <Object> Second sort argument. desc <Boolean> True if sort direction is descending, false if sort direction is ascending.

    Returns: Boolean Return -1 when a < b. Return 0 when a = b. Return 1 when a > b.
    From: http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/docs/YAHOO.util.Sort.

    You could use simple Javascript instead. Example:
    var a = 9;
    var b = 2;
    if (a < b) {
      return "-1";
    else if (a == b) {
      return "0";
    else if (a > b) {
      return "1";
    // Would return "1" because 9 is greater than 2 (b is greater than a)
    I'm not quite sure about the "desc", but setting it to true will probably just reverse the values. Experiment with it (jsFiddle is great for this) and see what it does.

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