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Thread: localStorage with HTML5 and Javascript

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    localStorage with HTML5 and Javascript

    I'm looking at this one to store values from a page and send it to another page and also store them for future use. Is this possible with localStorage? Or will the values stored in variables or arrays disappear when the browser is closed?
    I want to present the stored data in the browser or cell phone. That's why I want to avoid text files or excel files.

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    You need to use cookies.

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    There is no standard for the persistence of localStorage data. While it would survive a browser close, browsers vary in how they handle the data and users can clear the data manually, so it is best used for short-term needs. So if your data is more complex than cookies normally handle and you want the data to be reliably stored for any extended period, it's best to find a server-based solution (ie. a database).
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    Below is the code for HTML5 local storage:
    // Yes! localStorage and sessionStorage support!
    // Some code.....
    // Sorry! No web storage support..
    No personal experience but I did come across this link today: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/ht...local-storage/

    Hope this helps.
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