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    resolved [RESOLVED] Two navigation bars on one page

    I have my sites set up where some pages have two navigation bars: one at the top and one at the bottom. On all of those websites, the top bar is tagged id=navbar and the bottom id=navb. The pages display as desired, except for one. That site only displays correctly in IE. However, if I change the bottom tag to class=navb, it then displays correctly cross-browser. Only the tag is changed, not the associated styles. What could be the problem? I haven't a clue where to look. Is there a possible conflict having two similar ids like navbar and navb?

    Also confusing, if I code the pages inline, it makes no difference. id=navbar and id=navb display as intended. But if I change the inline style to a stylesheet, the id=navb will not display except in IE. Incidentally, the code and css validate.
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