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Thread: @-moz-document url-prefix() not working

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    @-moz-document url-prefix() not working

    I have a webpage and a CSS file for it.My problem is in the CSS file when I am using

    @-moz-document url-prefix()

    On my computer the CSS rules apply but on anothe computer it does not work(tested with same version of Firefox) which is really odd. Here is my exact CSS code if that helps in any way:

    @-moz-document url-prefix()
      .SelectStyle {
    .SelectStyle {
    Am I missing or doing something wrong here?

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    The fact that it works on your computer suggests that the stylesheet isn't being loaded when you access the page on your website. That indicates that either the stylesheet hasn't been uploaded to the server or the <link> tag in your HTML document is not set properly - a relative URL is the likely problem.

    By the same token, I'd avoid using this particular hack on a live website without a compelling reason. Why are you setting a different style for Firefox here?
    Rick Trethewey
    Rainbo Design

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