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Thread: How to handle illegal user content?

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    How to handle illegal user content?

    I'm coming up with a new site and it involves users uploading whatever they'd like to their folder hosted by me. The trick is they won't actually be uploading but rather I'll be downloading the file they request then they can download it from me I know this is quite a big debate but a main point is to never remove the users file even if it is illegal. The sole purpose of the site is not to host illegal files but without a doubt I'm sure they will get included. Do I need a couple good lawyers or do all my servers need to be placed in siberia? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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    If users are just using your site to store files for themselves (essentially "cloud" storage), then I don't think it's an issue (but then I am not a lawyer). You would have problems, though, if you allow other users to download those files. (But again: I am not a lawyer, so if you are at all unsure, seek legal advice from a lawyer in your jurisdiction.)
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