Hello everyone.
I am new to programming, please help.

Here is my situation:
I have an excel file, it contains data (over 1000 lines) and VBA code. I want to relocate this mini application into a web page, i.e. transfer my data from excel and create the same logic.

In my understanding, the following steps are necessary:
1. Transfer data from excel to .html (or .xml) in a way that necessary lines/cells can be manipulated (e.g. with ID generation for those lines/cells);
2. Adding logic with JavaScript.

Now I am focused on step 1.
What is a good way to transfer?
Description of data: my contacts list: their details such as position, contact info etc. (one line per person). This includes birthday.
The logic necessary: return those people who have a birthday today.
So, the data must be transferred so that a particular attribute (birthday) can be manipulated with JavaScript.

Thank you in advance