Hello Guys, this is my first post,

I was looking for a solution to my problem, i have a jquery slider working at http://www.creo.com.uy/web/mytho/ which i want to make in automatic rotation.

The problem is: i need to set the slider in an automatic rotation. So would be, both options, clicking the arrows, and auto-slide.
The original code didn't come with that, even the guy who developed this theme, told me they didn't added that function.
So with a friend that understands javascript, we worked over the .js file to add some code, but we're missing something, cus in the last image, it gets in a recursive loop, from 4 to 3, from 3 to 4, and so on.

I deliver here both files, the original one, and the modified one, i hope you can help me with this!

Original: http://www.creo.com.uy/files/fullscreen-slider.js

Modded: http://www.creo.com.uy/files/fullscreen-slider-mod.js

Thank you very very much in advance!