I have a brilliant idea for a social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, youtube etc....but I don't have the contacts or connections to make this idea of mine actually happen. I dont exactly know how to build a platform, but I want to try and find someone I can explain my idea to and have them help me out. I feel like this could be extremely big. Actually, I KNOW it would be the next big thing.
I just need to figure out how to move forward. If anyone has any leads, or contacts that you could point me to, I would be extremely grateful to you.

I dont have money to invest in this currently, so it would be an experiment if someone was interested in hearing my idea (please email me: kwolf315@gmail.com if YOU are a developer and are interested in this).

I think that this could pull in millions in the future if it takes off right, which I have no doubts about it, especially if it was able to integrate with facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr..etc. It could be the next "share" icon on all major social media sites.

Thanks again for any help!