Hi ,
I am currently working on a ecommerce site ,
- If the user press the "add to cart" button the shopping cart page(PHP) to be appear on the same page as pop-up box with fadded background like this jsfiddle , it coming well.
- But my shopping cart is another php file , so its not appearing in the same productview php file. Currently its appearing in shopping cart.php file with white background.
- I Need to appear it on the same product view page as pop-up of shopping cart.php file.
- At the same time if the user clicks the "ViewCart" symbol at the header the same shopping cart.php file should appear as pop-up .
- I dont want to repeat the shopping cart.php file in product view.php as well as header.php .

please give any suggestion ,
Where ever user clicks the "viewcart" or "Add to cart" the shooping_cart.php should appear on the same page.